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A very rare event is coming, 2 new moons coming in the month of March, it is the second set of 2 new moons in the same month the last being in January, meaning we are going to have 2 Black Moons this year.  

The Lure Of The Lorelei by Margaret Donald

I trust the present moment, I know it is meant to be.

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The Use of Feathers in Folklore and Magic
Similar to Bones, Feathers were most commonly used as talismans and hair adornments.
In some cultures, finding a feather meant that your most recent prayer would be answered. In others, finding a feather on the ground shortly after the death of a loved one was often taken to mean that the person who recently passed away was thinking about you. The feathers of Crows, which are notoriously symbolic of Death and Change in most cultures, were sometimes carried or worn during mourning in an effort to help one let go of the pain and move on.
In Naval lore, particularly that or the British Women’s Royal Navy, Wrens were said to protect against shipwrecks and drowning, and their feathers were often worn as talismans to prevent against such things. It was common custom during WWII, though the practice was said to have originated before or during the Boer War, to present a white feather to a man who escaped or fled from the draft, showing that you found them cowardly or dishonest and disloyal. Split Goose feathers were symbolic of protection and it’s said that anyone in East Anglia who wore was was automatically to be granted help and protection under the Fenmen. The feathers from Raptors and other Birds of Prey were usually ranked among the most valuable of feathers to some Native American Cultures, whereas in some Amazonian cultures others were considered much more valuable.
Because of the eye-like pattern on the tail feathers of Male Peacocks, they’re commonly associated with darker things such as imminent death and the Evil Eye in most Mediterranean cultures. Opposite to the Mediterranean associations, however, Peacock feathers represented Good Luck, Patience, and Kindness in Indonesian and South Asian cultures, and in Roman mythos the feathers of Peacocks symbolized the Vault of the Heavens and the All-Seeing knowledge of the Gods. Sewing a Swan’s feather into the pillow of your spouse was used as a charm to ensure that they would remain faithful in the marriage, whereas Pigeon feathers placed under the pillow of the dying was believed to prolong their pain and suffering.
Feathers are seen as symbols of Flight, Travel, Swiftness, Cunning, Communication, Wisdom, Spirituality, and Spiritual Power, and the feathers of specific birds may mean certain things as well. For instance, the feathers of Blue Jays were said to bring light into darkness, and those of  Robins were said to do the same whereas the feathers of Kingfishers were said to ward against Negativity and bring one Good Luck and Health. 
Colors are also a major component in the effectiveness and use of feathers, with White feathers being associated with love, peace, and good luck. red feathers symbolizing courage, danger, or strength, blue feathers symbolizing communication, so on, and so forth.
In Tasseography readings the symbol of a feather often means an artistic or mental block, lack of concentration, and instability, but In Dream Interpretation, feathers symbolize travel or the ability to move freely in life. Augury (divination through observing the behavior of Birds),  Alectryomancy (divination by observing which grain pieces of letters in a circle a rooster crows at or eats), Apantomancy (divination through chance animals you encounter), and Orinithomancy (Divination by studying omens and symbols associated with Birds), are all divination methods that may involve birds in their live states, whereas Spatilomancy (divination through skin, bones, etc) may sometimes include the use of feathers in the collection of items to be read.
Similar to bones, they were also commonly used components in earlier Witch’s ladders, Spirit Bottles, to create Fetches, and other things.
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