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Magic is not so much something which you do occasionally behind closed doors or in the space behind your closed eyes, but a way of living your life — a way of approaching the world you move through and everything in it.

— Phil Hine, Condensed Chaos (via 13thmoon)

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Music Festival Tarot Spread

So I was doing tarot for myself while being beyond excited for my trip to Bonnaroo…. so I combined the two! I came up with this spread to tell you how each part of your magical music adventure will turn out to be!
(I used the Magical Messages from Fairies oracle deck)

Here’s my tarot spread for an upcoming music festival trip (and my results):

  1. Anticipation! (Days leading to trip, Packing) - Debt Paid Off “The old weight and habit of debt is lifted from you and your life”
  2. Road trip! (Driving, On the road again)- Flower Power “Spend time with flowers and flower essences to increase your personal healing power”
  3. We’re here! (Setting up camp, waiting for music)- New Home “Moving is a step in the right direction for you”
  4. First Half! (Thurs, Fri, Music)- Your Desire Is Within Reach “Have faith, as everything is working in your favor”
  5. Second Half! (Sat, Sun, Music)- Marriage “The fairies join you in celebrating wedded bliss”
  6. Traveling Home! (Conclusion)- Autumn “In the fall season, everything comes together and you reap wonderful harvests and abundance”

This spread helped me feel all the joy and good vibes that I’ll feel when I take this magical journey to BONNAROOOOOOOO! {again} ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ


What is a spiritual awakening?
A spiritual awakening is when one has become aware and has awakened or who is going through the stages of an awakening. They will become more aware of themselves on a much deeper and higher level and what is real. The person going through the awakening will suddenly have a deeper awareness of what is going on around them and of themselves and they will be more aware of their life experiences and the lessons they have learnt from these experiences and the reasons why. The person will start to feel more at one with themselves and everything around them and they may feel more contented and at peace with their surroundings, themselves and with other people. The person will start to accept who they are and let go of any hurt, anger and negative feelings that they had towards their life and people and they will gradually go through a healing process of their heart, soul and mind. The person will suddenly start seeing the world in a different way and their previous views and opinions may change drastically. A spiritual awakening can be very life changing for a person especially if that person was not spiritual to begin with. An awakening  can strip a person of previous beliefs, feelings and life views causing them to see the world and themselves in a whole new light. Well being a positive experience towards the end of the awakening, at first the awakening can be quite disruptive, shocking and upsetting to a person and their life because it forces them to take a deeper look at themselves, face their fears, re-live any bad experiences and memories and forces them to see things in a way that they previously never thought.  The awakening can be very confusing and so powerful that the person may question themselves and even their sanity due to the symptoms that occur during the awakening. These kinds of changes can be quite unsettling at first and may take many months or even years of soul searching before the person starts to feel more at one and have feelings of serenity. A spiritual awakening can be spontaneous or caused by a profound spiritual experience or an event in a person’s life, a loss or a near death experience. The spiritual awakening process sparks the activation of awareness and once someone have completed their spiritual awakening and they go and look back on their life before the awakening began they may see how much they were just existing in robot mode, a spiritual awakening brings them out of this robot mode and in to awareness mode which wakes them up and they start to exist with a new and positive lease of life.Once the spiritual awakening has started it will feel like a lifelong fog has suddenly disappeared and things will just seem much clearer to you. You may look back on the old you before you started your spiritual awakening and you may realize how much you was living in a bubble that was just waiting to burst. You will see how much you took your life and life in general for granted when you look back on the old you.  Looking back you may see how much your life was just passing you by in a blurred daze and that you on an emotional and spiritual level was living in a blurred daze just existing but not questioning it either and just getting on with your life in this fog like daze. A spiritual awakening clears this fog and bursts that bubble, it removes your daze and shows you that you are not just existing but you are living and with a purpose and reason and no matter how little or large that purpose and reason is you will realize that it is important nonetheless and that you have a place in this world just like everyone else and you will see how much you can make a difference to your life and to others too. One purpose of the spiritual awakening is getting you to see your self-worth and show you that you do have a reason to be here and that even the little things you do for yourself and for others can have the biggest impacts and can make a positive difference to you and for others around you. Remember that just because there may be situations where you won’t see what impact you have had on a person it does not mean that there never was one. You would be surprised at how much influence you can have on another person and how much positive change you can bring to them on an emotional level without even realizing it. Simple things like complimenting a person or smiling at a stranger can make their day because that stranger unknown to you may have been having a bad day and that acknowledgement and smile from you could have had an emotional and positive impact on them and made them feel much better but you would have walked away from this person not even knowing this positive impact you just created and the difference it made to them emotionally.. Because people don’t always get see this positive impact they have on others they fall into the trap where they think they are not making a difference to other people’s lives when they had without even realising it. This trap causes them to think that they are worthless and that they are useless when this is not true at all. A spiritual awakening will help show you that you don’t have to do the big things to make changes. The little things can make the biggest changes for you and others. Your were born with spiritual abilities or attributes waiting to be discovered and the spiritual awakening helps you discover what they are and encourages you to use them to help yourself and others to make this positive difference which will not only change your life but theirs too.                               Purposes and reasons for a spiritual awakening1) To discover your true inner self ,the spiritual you, and to connect to this self through a raise in consciousness during the awareness process2) To raise your consciousness to higher levels on a spiritual level3) To become aware of this inner self and to explore it and learn and grow from this inner discovery4) To learn to love and accept yourself fully5) To learn to love and accept others fully6) To discover any spiritual gifts you have or attributes that were given to you which you can use to help yourself and others for a positive difference7) To discover your purpose and life calling8) To connect on a spiritual level with the source, the earth and the people, animals and plants that occupy it.9) To discover that everyone and everything is connected to each other and that there is no separateness but a unity between every living thing10) To open you up spiritually and to raise your vibrations11) To experience life in its fullest as much as possible and to enjoy it and make the most of it12) To learn to forgive yourself and others 13) To develop empathy, compassion and sensitivity for people, animals and nature                               The stages of a spiritual awakeningWhen a person begins their spiritual awakening they will go through different stages of the awakening before they get to the last stage which will be completion of the spiritual awakening. Because everyone is different and reacts differently to a spiritual awakening the time frame of each stage of the awakening will vary from one person to the next. A spiritual awakening can take days or even years till the awakening process is completed.Below are the different stages of a spiritual awakening.Stage 0Awareness has not begun. In this stage the person has no spiritual awareness but eventually everyone will then start at stage 1 which is when the spiritual awakening begins and which will then go on to lead to higher awareness being achieved by stage 5. The awareness may or may not begin in their current lifetime but it will happen eventually if not in this lifetime but another. It can take many lifetimes of experiences and learning lessons before a spiritual awakening can occur and once a person has reached a certain level of spiritual awareness then an awakening can happen spontaneously or through a shock experience. For some though an awakening may not even take that many lifetimes at all to occur because it depends on the soul and the impact any lessons and experiences have had on them during their other lifetimes and current one and even if they have had fewer lifetimes than another their experiences during those lifetimes may still have had a huge impact on them spiritual thus causing them to develop quicker and cause an awakening to happen and yet other souls it may take many rounds of lifetimes to learn just one certain lesson whereas others sail through at a seemingly quicker rate. Some souls may go through particularly difficult lifetimes every time they have one so they may learn and develop much quicker on a spiritual level due to the harder experiences that they would have to go through than a soul who chooses lifetimes that are a bit easier with fewer life experiences and lessons or they may take longer breaks in-between lifetimes causing them to develop at a slower rate. A spiritual awakening can take many lifetimes of experiences and learning lessons before it happens.Stage 1Trigger/spontaneous awakening. A spiritual awakening is often triggered by something experienced which had a deep effect in the mind of the person going through the awakening but an awakening can also happen spontaneously too. A trigger can be the loss of a loved one, a near death experience, a spiritual experience or some other event or situation that had a profound effect on the person going through the awakening. Most spiritual awakenings are caused through some sort of shock event or experience that had a deep effect on the person’s soul. The spiritual awakening now begins brought on either through a trigger event or spontaneously.Stage 2Shock and upheaval. The start of the spiritual awakening will be a huge shock to the system especially if it was triggered by an event such as the loss of a loved one or a near death experience. The person going through the awakening will experience a revelation and a realization which may be very overwhelming emotionally for them and the person will start to become aware in a way they never was before. They will now begin to question things in a serious way such as life and death, the afterlife, God, spirituality, their own life and lives of others, the world they live in and themselves and the event that triggered their awakening. Awareness is now activated and the beginning of the awareness process now starts in stage 2 of the spiritual awakening.Stage 3Chakras begin to open. In stage 3 of the awakening the chakras will now begin to open one at a time as energy pulses through each of the 7 chakras, the energy canters of the body. The opening of each chakra will now cause the symptoms of the spiritual awakening below. The symptoms can either be mild or life affecting and it is in stage 3 where people may begin to even question their own sanity due to the intensity of the symptoms. Stage 3 of the awakening is for the most the hardest of all the stages because of the affect the symptoms can have on the person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Stage 3 can be dramatic and traumatic and can take its toll on the mind and body and It can be a very confusing and disruptive time. It is in stage 3 that you will really need to take care of yourself, take lots of rest when possible and eat and drink well. If the emotional and mental symptoms of the awakening is too much to bare because of old and difficult memories cropping up or because you are doubting and worrying about what is happening to you it may help to speak to someone who can help you deal with these feelings. There are lots of spiritual forums online where you can find like-minded people to speak to if you can’t talk to anyone else at home but it is important that if stage 3 is affecting your life in such a way where you are struggling to do day to day stuff then it may be worth speaking to a GP or a Councillor because stage 3 is when you will start to take a deeper look at yourself which for some may be very hard to cope with if they already have low self- esteem, confidence and a negative view on themselves and also this stage may cause upsetting memories to resurface which may be too painful to deal with by self. Awareness continues as the chakras begin to open one by one causing many physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms.Stage 4Healing process begins. Once the difficulties of stage 3 is almost over the person going through the spiritual awakening will now go through a healing process of the body and the mind. After all the disruption of stage 3, stage 4 will be a welcome relief. It is in stage 4 when the person will now start to accept who they are, their past, their life, their experiences and they will begin to love themselves because they will now be learning acceptance not just with themselves but with life in general without feeling bitter and resentful. They will also start to lose all the anger, hurt, pain and judgments that they have been carrying around not only at themselves but towards other people too. They will begin to see themselves, others and the world they live in, in a whole new and positive light and they may now start to change their views and opinions on life and on others that they had previously before. They are continuing to become aware and will go through a huge and positive transformation in this stage. The symptoms from stage 3 have now started to calm down but there will still be many symptoms but they should be easier to handle now as the body goes through the healing process. Awareness continues as the healing process now begins.Stage 5Spiritual awakening completed. In stage 5 the spiritual awakening has now completed and the person now has awareness like they have never before. This stage is a wonderful stage to be in because it will turn a person’s life around in a complete and positive way. The person will now feel happier with who they are and will accept and love who they are, they will not be quick to judge others but will now have compassion and empathy towards other people, animals and nature. In stage 5 they will have now realized that they are connected to every living thing on this planet and beyond. They will realize that nothing and no one is separate and that we were all created together by the same source, and that even though people may have different names for that source, it is still the same source which we all came from and will go back to eventually. The spiritual awakening processis now completed and although the person is now awakened they will continue to become more aware as they progress through their life learning new lessons and developing their soul but now with a new and different prospective than they had before. This spiritual awakening may reflect on them in their future lifetimes and they may find that they will be quite spiritually aware at a very young age in their next lifetime.Symptoms of a spiritual awakeningPhysical symptoms1) Tingling hands or feet2) Heart palpitations/racing heart3) Tingling in the third eye area located in between the eyes4) Warm palms or feet5) Headaches, backaches and general aches and pains which are not caused by an illness6) Changes in weight and eating habits7) Food intolerance’s and allergies which was once never a problem8) Skin eruptions, rashes, body tingling and itchy skin9) Pain, numbness and feelings of vibration and electricity going through the body10) Dizzy spells and a feeling of lightness11) Feeling more tired and needing to rest a lot more than normal12) Memory loss and forgetfulness13) Changes in energy levels14) A feeling of having waves of energy going through the body15) A feeling of having brain fog16) Feelings of pressure inside the head. Head may feel like it might explode17) Night sweats18) Enhancement of physical senses such as smell, sight and hearing19) May look younger20) Hair and nails may grow at a faster rate21) Changes in sleep patterns. May experience restless sleep and waking up two or three times during the night22) Changes in bowel movements. May have bouts of diarrhoea23) Sinus and ear troubleEmotional symptoms1) Sudden waves of emotions2) Sudden feelings of sadness then happiness, depression or elation3) A feeling of being on an emotional roller coaster ride4) Intense mood swings5) Suppressed and forgotten memories and old stuff may suddenly resurface causing waves of sad or happy emotions6) Emotional confusion7) Feelings of great joy and bliss8) Crying outbursts without a reason9) Wanting to withdrawal from family and friends10) Feelings of loneliness, disconnection and being different from others11) Loss of motivation and may feel like not doing anything and feel there is no point12) Feeling irritable, angry and impatient13) Feeling that your life is out of control and is in a messMental symptoms1) A feeling of losing the mind2) A feeling of going insane and losing control3) Feelings of fear4) May suddenly hear voices that don’t feel is coming from yourself5) May feel like you are going crazy at timesSpiritual symptoms1) Dreams may be more vivid and intense. May have very spiritual dreams and dreams of angels, guides and deceased loved ones2) May suddenly be able to hear and communicate with guides, angels and deceased loved ones3) May feel more empathetic and sensitive towards other people’s feelings4) Questioning life and why you are here and have an intense feeling and urge to find out what your life purpose is5) A feeling of being different suddenly from friends and family6) May realize what your life purpose is and go on to fulfill it7) Synchronicity and coincidences may start to occur all around you8) A feeling of being a different person to previously9) Paranormal activity, sensing presences, seeing guides, angels, deceased loved ones and other spirit beings and spirit lights and a higher awareness of the spiritual world10) Feeling closer to animals and nature and at one with everything11) Has an intense urge to find your soul mate/twin flame12) You may start to experience conscious and spontaneous out of body experiences (OBEs)13) Has a higher awareness, knowing and perception of things14) You may drop old friends that you have outgrown and make new ones who feel the same way you do now15) You may start to see colours in your mind’s eye and in peripheral vision16) Suddenly find yourself interested in healing, crystals, tarot cards and other forms of divination and of spiritual topics17) You may want to start taking better care of your body and start eating healthily and exercising more18) May become aware of psychic gifts, healing abilities and other gifts that previously was unaware off and have the urge to use them19) Has a strong urge to spread awareness and share personal experiences with others and speak your truth20) You may experience the blue pearl-this is a tiny blue dot seen in the mind’s eye or peripheral vision or directly in front of you21) Teachers or people who can advise and help you with your spiritual journal may suddenly turn up22) An intense urge to discover spiritual truths and yearning for meaning and purpose23) Wanting to make life changes, breaking old habits and routines and starting new more fulfilling things.


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